Case Study: DTS Corporate Rebrand Program

Comprehensive visual reorganization accurately reflects growth and success.

Project Overview

DTS, Inc. develops and distributes multichannel audio and visual technologies for digital entertainment. The company introduced its DTS technology in 1993 as a competitor to Dolby Laboratories, incorporating DTS in the film Jurassic Park (1993).The DTS product is used in surround sound formats for both commercial/theatrical and consumer-grade applications. It was known as “The Digital Experience” until 1995. Over time its market has expanded and squared numerous related technologies. DTS licenses these technologies to consumer electronics manufacturers around the world.


Through consumer research conducted on behalf of the company, the leadership became aware of serious limitations that had developed in its existing corporate and product identity system.
1  While being very well known and respected among audio enthusiasts, to the general public the simple three letter block logo did not communicate anything unique about DTS.
2  Outside of the core demographic, product confusion was common
3  Logo “block style” limited descriptions of DTS products and made it difficult to communicate benefit and value to consumers
4  Existing logo lacked compelling visual icon or symbol to grab attention and communicate DTS brand essence

Identified Goals

Strengthen and expand the DTS trademark to:
1  Build on the equity in the “dts” logotype
2  Make it more effective and memorable
3  Simplify the system for identifying DTS products and services
4  Provide a visual nomenclature system that assists orderly growth in future products
5  Build DTS Digital Business areas beyond audio technologies
6  Separate DTS from the competition and create strong brand impression
7  Convey the unique energy and personality of DTS
8  Build greater value in DTS technology and greater value in Licensee products


1   Led comprehensive brand evaluation, re-positioning, re-design and world-wide deployment over two year period
2  Gained a 45% increase in brand recognition value
3  Created and defined an integrated process for international marketing communications and brand management.


In order to position the company for a future of continued growth and success, market research was initiated to:
a) clearly access the brand position across all markets
b) develop cohesive marketing strategies ti drive the objectives of the three core business groups.

Comprehensive repositioning to  define, live and communicate the essence of the company, focusing on simplicity, clarity, quality and the experience delivered. DTS as an ingredient is a guarantee that consumers are getting the very best. Going forward it would be both aspirational and accessible. The goal was to build DTS in to charismatic brand, targeting middle
market consumers trading up to higher levels of quality and taste but still seeking value.

Building on the well known three letter logotype, an exciting new symbol has been added to make our corporate identity more effective and memorable wherever it is seen. It also facilitates a corporate identity system that assists orderly growth and communication in the future. These changes provide a comprehensive branding system to enhance the value of DTS technologies in consumer products.


1.  Several visual solutions were focused tested with mainstream consumer groups.
2. The chosen design resonated very strongly with each of them.
3.  It was then focus tested against the existing logo system.
4.  Consumers were strongly in favor of the new approach.
5.  The new symbol works on emotional level to symbolize concepts of motion, continual development, surround sound, and infinity.
6.  Previous DTS logotype retained, but updated and enhanced to maintain brand equity in the marketplace
7.  Clean Layout and new corporate description brings clear meaning to the corporate identity.

Key Benefit:

Clear Product Naming System

1. All DTS Codec products will contain the main Corporate Identity.
2. Expanded Product Descriptions clearly communicate the technology benefit to the consumer.
3. New products are added easily with easy adoption.


“Kevin and his team are truly at their top of his field. His concept/design skills are matched with a keen ability to identify the problem — whether it's brand identity development or a communications crisis — and implement innovative and creative solutions. They consistently deliver the highest level of expertise and execution to position a company and/or brand with competitive advantage. They have incredible insight, vision, and attention to detail — and superb taste!”

Sophie Lise Hannibal. Director, Marketing Communications,
DTS Entertainment Europe


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